About Us

Desert Sweet Shrimp Farm
Gourmet shrimp are characterized by their clean, sweet taste, and are so uncommonly flavorful many shrimp lovers prefer to serve them as "stand alones" or with just a hint of olive oil or butter 'n garlic.

Pond-grown, extra safe!
Desert sweet shrimp are pond-grown in mineral-rich well water, drawn directly from Arizona's deep ancient seabeds. Carefully monitored and kept meticulously free of pathogens and contaminants, the qualities of this deep well water, combined with the benign effects of the hot desert sun, result in healthier, faster growing, and better tasting shrimp.

Aided by scientists
From the University of Texas and Texas A&M aqua farming experts, the staff at Desert Sweet Shrimp, have developed an ecologically sound aquacultural method for growing gourmet-quality shrimp hundreds of miles away from any ocean and in commercially feasible quantities. Their sweet premium white shrimp, known as "Paneais Vannamei", are the same type of shrimp that have been served for years in the finest restaurants, only now the product is safer and more delicious than ever!
 The scientists confirmed that Desert Sweet Shrimp's superb growing conditions increased the size and weight of their shrimp so rapidly there was no need to add chemicals for that purpose -- a common practice in the shrimp-farming industry. Professional buyers, knowledgeable in every distinction of quality shrimp, also noticed that these shrimp were nearly clear in color -- a visible sign of purity -- and that their flavor was characterized by a delicate sweetness heretofore unavailable in pond-grown products. 

Environmentally controlled for purity
By maintaining almost total control over the growing environment, Desert Sweet Shrimp has virtually eliminated the pollution problems now associated worldwide with thousands of coastal shrimp farms which often must rely on contaminated ocean water in their growing cycle. 

"There is no waste of water, no pollutions of our oceans" 

The key to keeping Desert Sweet shrimp free of diseases and pollutants is the quarantine effect of keeping young shrimp in specially built "raceways" under careful scientific observation. Only after the tiny shrimp have become stabilized and have passed rigid laboratory inspection are they approved for transfer to special growing ponds. In addition, the Desert Sweet Shrimp ponds constantly circulate fresh, clean well water, which is kept oxygenated by batteries of massive aerators.
Only the finest and purest blend of food -- quality controlled and in pellet form -- is fed to the shrimp. And the effluence from the ponds is uniquely recycled, rather than be returned to the ocean to further propagate pollution. The Desert Sweet Shrimp aqua farming process uses no herbicides, pesticides or antibiotics - which are typically necessary in shrimp growing operations using ocean water. And Desert Sweet shrimp require no protective bisulphides for preservation. 

Synergy is the secret!

The Desert Sweet Shrimp farm, near Gila Bend, AZ, is a classic example of environmental synergy. The mineral-rich effluence from the shrimp ponds is used to irrigate acres of prime olive trees and even Durum wheat (the basis for pasta). Other crops are planned as expansion continues. For quality, purity and flavor, the industry can rely on Desert Sweet Shrimp, a classic name in American aqua farming.